Glorious Leader Repeats Stupid Lie About Obama

PolitiFact reported on this stupid lie two years ago:

$150 billion in exchange for nada does sound like a pretty terrible deal — but is that actually what was agreed upon? According to all the experts we talked with, Trump’s claim is inaccurate. “The best I can say is that he got the name of the country right. Almost nothing else in there is right,” said Michael Malloy, an expert on economic sanctions at the University of the Pacific.

Trump’s statement makes it sound like we’re cutting Iran a $150 billion check. In reality, the money is already Iran’s to begin with, just frozen under the many economic sanctions levied against the country. Also, Iran won’t suddenly have all the assets at its disposal because some of it is tied up in debts. For example, about $20 billion is obligated to China, which worked around the sanctions to finance infrastructure projects in Iran.