Gavin McInnis: Punching Nazis Should Be A Hate Crime

“How is ‘Nazi’ not as bad as ‘faggot?’ I think they’re both pretty bad. Like, say you beat up a guy and you were screaming ‘Nazi’ as you beat him up. Couldn’t you argue that’s a hate crime? Because when you beat up a gay guy and you say that word, the f-word, it’s seen as homophobic. If you’re getting beat up, and someone says ‘Nazi’ – you’re obviously not a Nazi – then they’re using a derogatory word and they’re using ideology to beat you up, to justify it. So, it sounds like the same thing to me. ‘Punch a Nazi’ should be a hate crime.” – Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnis, after his CRTV producer recounted being called a Nazi.

As you may recall, multiple Proud Boys members were arrested in NYC recently after a brawl in which at least one of them shouted “faggot” as their victim was pummeled. Despite what McInnis says above, he himself has a long history of saying “faggot” on his show and in writing. And of course, Nazis are not a protected class. Yet.

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