FRC Asks Churches To Distribute Their Xmas Money Beg

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

The Family Research Council has asked pastors in its “Watchmen on the Wall” network to distribute a bulletin insert to members of their churches this month.

The insert “introduces readers to the ministry of Family Research Council, recaps a busy and successful year, and offers ways people can partner with us,” reads the email from Kenyn Cureton, FRC’s vice president for church ministries.

The two-sided bulletin insert is basically a promotional flyer that extolls FRC’s lobbying and public relations operations, as well as its church ministries. It encourages readers to become a “STAND Member”—a monthly donor—and “join like-minded believers to transform America.”

In return for distributing the FRC’s money beg, churches get a package of PowerPoint-ready sermons, including one which rages against “abominations” such as you, dear reader.