Former Rep. Aaron Schock Posts Heart Emoji Comment On Instagram Page Of Gay Party Promoter Eliad Cohen

Back in July, former Republican US House Rep. Aaron Schock petitioned the US Supreme Court to intervene in his corruption case, which has included controversial questions about his sexuality posed by prosecutors, who apparently want to know who Schock’s traveling companions really were on publicly-funded trips.

Today eagle-eyed JMG reader Chris tips us that Schock has commented on the Instagram page of handsome circuit party promoter and model Eliad Cohen, saying “LOL. Move over Ellen, we have a new comedian in town,” on a post in which Cohen makes a silly face. Oh, and Schock’s comment includes a smiley face with heart eyes.

Now, it could be that Aaron Schock is just a totally straight, Downton Abbey-loving, shoe-obsessed fashionable dude with an interest in the antics of furry, gay bodybuilder party promoters. After all, Schock voted against repealing DADT, against the Matthew Shepard Act, against ENDA, and for a pro-DOMA bill.