Former AG Jeff Sessions Hints That He’s Now Done With Politics: I Could Go Back And Spend Time In The Woods

Politico reports:

Jeff Sessions doesn’t sound eager to run for his old Senate seat in 2020. “I’ve been clearing my brain. I think that’s a fair statement,” he said during a ride on the Senate subway following George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

“I’ll go to Alabama, do some things and then that will clarify things a little more before I worry about making a statement.”

“No. I mean, no,” the 71-year-old former senator said when asked if he misses the chamber in which he served for two decades. “I could go back and spend time in the woods. I’ve got 10 grandchildren, oldest is 11.”

Sessions would be the instant front runner to take his seat back from Doug Jones, but he’s reportedly told former colleagues that he would consider the Senate to be a demotion after serving as attorney general.