Financially Strapped NRA Drops Dan Bongino’s Show

The Daily Beast reports:

The National Rifle Association’s media arm has dropped pro-Trump firebrand Dan Bongino from its lineup of conservative commentators, two sources with knowledge of the decision told The Daily Beast. Bongino’s stand-alone show, “We Stand,” had started only last year.

An NRA spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. Bongino initially did not respond to numerous inquiries, but after publication he tweeted that news of his show’s demise was “fake news,” and promised to elaborate on his podcast.

He subsequently confirmed that “We Stand” is, in fact, ending, but suggested that the decision not to renew the show was his, not the network’s—a characterization questioned by one source familiar with the organization’s decision.

Bongino last appeared on JMG when he confessed that his entire life is now totally devoted to “owning the libs.”