Questions Arise Over Cancer Fundraiser By Corsi

The right wing Daily Caller reports:

Jerome Corsi, the right-wing author ensnared in the special counsel’s probe, raised tens of thousands of dollars on his website and web show over the summer for an Alaskan man who claimed he needed experimental cancer surgery from an Israeli physician.

To help raise the funds, Corsi touted Dr. Eliat Mendelsohn, claiming the oncologist miraculously cured his relative’s stage-4 liver cancer. Corsi claimed on his website Mendelsohn would use similar techniques to try to cure Thomas Sickler, 33, of bladder cancer.

But there are two main problems with the fundraiser. TheDCNF couldn’t find any records proving Dr. Eliad Mendelsohn exists. And Sickler, the purported patient, is the registered owner of Mendelsohn Consulting Group, the same clinic Corsi links to on his website boosting Dr. Mendelsohn.