College Group To Build Campus Wall To “Own The Libs”

Yahoo News reports:

Washington State University’s College Republicans hope to build an 18-foot wall in a nod to an 8×20-foot wall the group built in 2016 to “raise awareness of the issue of illegal immigration and border security” and, of course, to “own the libs mercilessly.” The students also hoping the internet will pick up the tab for their creative demonstration.

Two years ago, the Washington State Cougars chapter of the College Republicans incited protests when it built the 8-foot-tall plywood wall with “TRUMP” spray-painted on it at the university’s Pullman, Wash., campus. In October, a GoFundMe was set up by the president of the school’s College Republicans, who listed their location as “MOSCOW, ID.”

The photo above and video below is from 2016.