Catholic League: Hollywood Punishes Anti-Gay Speech But Does Nothing When People Tell Jokes About Jesus

Via press release from the Catholic League:

Ask any comedian how he feels today about telling jokes about certain protected classes of people—gays being the most protected—and he will confess what a minefield it is trying not to offend the politically correct police. But the sensitivity cops still have enormous tolerance for the most intolerant jokes about priests. There is no price to pay, no matter how vile and obscene the commentary.

Kevin Hart had to drop out from hosting the Oscars because he once told some jokes that offend gays. He said he has learned from his past mistakes, but that didn’t change anything: he was forced to exit. Even after he pulled out, that wasn’t enough to satisfy Kathy Griffin, who exploded, “I mean, f**k him.”

Griffin is upset with Hart slighting gays, but she is perfectly fine cursing God. In September 2007, upon receiving an Emmy for her reality show, she screamed, “Suck it Jesus, this award is my God now.” Besides the Catholic League, few complained. She paid no price for her sick remark by anyone in Hollywood.

Catholics have every right to treat all this hullaballoo about Kevin Hart as the real joke. Not until we get a level playing field, and anti-Catholic remarks are regarded as taboo, will we be persuaded that those who object to anti-gay remarks are principled.