California GOP Writes Own Obituary Because Trump

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Zero Republicans hold statewide office. Democrats enjoy a supermajority in the California Assembly and the state Senate. In races for the U.S. Senate, Republican candidates can’t even make it to the general election, now that the top two vote-getters in primary contests advance regardless of party. And when the House of Representatives reconvenes, the California delegation is most likely to be composed of 46 Democrats and just seven Republicans.

Even some longtime loyalists are calling for the coroner. “The Grand Old Party is dead,” Kristin Olsen, former vice chair of the California GOP, declared in Cal Matters, “partly because it has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics.” Republican political consultant Mike Madrid agrees. “The party has to die before it can be rebuilt,” he told Politico. “And by die, I mean, completely decimated. I think Tuesday night was a big step.”