ADF Head Michael Farris: Please Don’t Call Us Haters

ADF president Michael Farris writes for the Daily News:

If former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn truly wanted to start a conversation, she certainly picked an odd way to do it. After all, branding the other side of an issue with the culturally toxic “hater” label isn’t exactly the best way to reach across the aisle.

Quinn and a coalition calling itself “Citizens for Transparency” recently purchased ad space in Times Square demonizing Alliance Defending Freedom, a successful First Amendment legal organization that has won nine Supreme Court cases in the past seven years, mostly representing individuals and businesses on free speech and religious freedom grounds. Far from the picture the SPLC and its allies try to paint, the victories ADF strives for every day are for everyone — regardless of our differences on a wide range of topics.

Over the years, ADF has advocated for the First Amendment rights of Christians, Muslims and Jews, as well as members of the LGBT community. In fact, if the government tried to censor their billboard, ADF would gladly defend Citizens for Transparency’s freedom to berate us for doing a good day’s work. How’s that for a conversation-starter?

As regular JMG readers surely know, the Alliance Defending Freedom works relentlessly to stifle virtually every aspect of LGBT civil rights. Internationally, they work with local anti-LGBT groups to retain laws that criminalize homosexuality. And he has the fucking gall to bitch about “demonizing.” Hit the link for more of his bullshit.