Trumpy Bear Returns With #QAnon Tagline [VIDEO]

When I first reported on Trumpy Bear back in July 2017,  some believed it to be a satire of Trump cultists. That wasn’t so and now it’s even batshittier.

The New Republic reports:

Trumpy Bear becomes more sinister if you understand its origins. The ad begins on an ominous note. “A storm is coming,” a husky voice says. “You cannot defeat the storm. I am the storm.” What does a storm have to do with stuffed bears? The answer is disturbing.

Those words are the slogan used by QAnon conspiracy theorists, who believe Trump is a heroic figure fighting a secret network of pedophiles that control Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the so-called Deep State. The Trump Bear is the cuddly avatar for one of the most unhinged factions of American political life.