Todd Starnes: Parents Are “Beyond Furious” At Macy’s

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes writes:

There was a time when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a family-friendly affair filled with marching bands, super-sized cartoon balloons and Santa Claus. But these days the department store chain is more interested in using its nationally-televised parade to promote a specific agenda.

Hundreds of parents reached out to me — and they were beyond furious. Rod Dreher, writing for The American Conservative, accused Macy’s of rubbing the “noses of the culture war’s losers in their defeat. “Now, Macy’s has sexualized and lesbianized Thanksgiving in its iconic kids’ parade,” he wrote.

Who knows what sort of ground Macy’s will break in next year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – perhaps a salute to gender fluidity or polyamorous relationships? Or maybe they’ll just throw caution to the wind and throw an old-fashioned 1960s love fest right in the middle of 34th Street.