TEXAS: Hillary Clinton Restored To History Curriculum

The Dallas Morning News reports:

The State Board of Education has voted to keep Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and several other historical figures in the Texas curriculum. The board first voted to cut Hillary Clinton in September when they took up the curriculum changes.

The board voted 12-2 to keep Clinton with Republicans Pat Hardy of Fort Worth and Geraldine “Tincy” Miller of Dallas voting for elimination. Chair Donna Bahorich, R-Houston, abstained from the vote on Clinton as she did for most of the votes Tuesday. Hardy said she voted to axe Clinton because “she doesn’t represent good citizenship.”

“I just do not respect the woman,” Hardy added. “As far as I’m concerned, she’s done a lot of detrimental things to our country.” Miller agreed, saying the death of U.S. diplomats in Libya when Clinton was secretary of state was the deciding factor for her: “The Benghazi thing kind of did it for me.”

The Associated Press reports:

Other hot-button curriculum topics went unchanged despite long-standing objections from university professors and other experts. The board refused to modify controversial lessons on the causes of the Civil War and asking students to explore the biblical figure Moses’ influence on the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Political lessons referencing Moses have been in Texas curriculums since 2010. A panel of experts had proposed cutting those, but the board voted in September to preserve them. It also retained language that students learn how “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict” in the Middle East.