San Diego Dem Predicts Victory In Letter To Indicted GOP Rep: I Take No Pleasure In You Going To Prison

Insert “SHADE” gif…..

The Times Of San Diego reports:

Challenger Ammar Campa-Najjar predicts he’ll defeat Republican incumbent Duncan Hunter in their 50th Congressional District race Tuesday. But Campa-Najjar won’t gloat.

In a 325-word “Farewell Letter to Duncan Hunter,” the 29-year-old Democrat said in a statement released Monday: “In all honesty, Duncan, I sincerely wish you well in life. After tomorrow, you’ll be relieved of your duties as congressman.”

And referring to the federal corruption charges against Hunter and his wife, Campa-Najjar added: “It gives me no pleasure knowing that you’ll likely face time in prison for what you’ve done.” Asked for comment, Hunter spokesman Michael Harrison had only a curt response: “Amateur hour.”