REPORT: Pirro Still Hasn’t Paid 2006 Campaign Debts

The Daily Beast reports:

“Judge” Jeanine Pirro is the voice of law and order in President Donald Trump’s cable news echo chamber, making it particularly noteworthy that she has been flouting federal election rules for years.

The lawyer-turned-Fox News host mounted an ill-fated run for the U.S. Senate in 2006, when she vied for the Republican nomination to challenge then-Sen. Hillary Clinton before dropping out after just four months. But in that brief period, Pirro’s campaign managed to rack up nearly $600,000 in debts to its campaign vendors.

Candidates can’t dissolve their campaign committees until all their debts are repaid, or a plan is put in place to do so. As a result, Pirro’s campaign remains active to this day. But the status of its huge campaign debts isn’t clear, because the committee stopped filing financial reports with the Federal Election Commission nearly seven years ago.

According to the above-linked report, Pirro still owes that $600K to 20 different vendors. But her campaign did recently cut checks for consultants who work with her husband.