Pirro: Why Do Liberals Hate Trump So Much? [VIDEO]

“On Tuesday the issue is simply do you care about what’s getting done or some left-wing whackadoo’s subjective view about the way it’s getting done. The left prefers style over substance. They prefer interpretation over facts. The subjective versus the objective truth and reality. Why? Because they hate him. That we are even having this conversation is ridiculous. The only thing that matters are results.

“You can certainly have a conversation about how he says things. Okay. I’ll give you that. But what makes you right? You are so blinded by hateful vitriol and disappointed by your 2016 loss that you can’t see straight. I thought that liberals were live and let live. Why do you care about how he chooses to lead? Why are you so focused on your hatred of Donald Trump? Why do you dismiss his results?” – Jeanine Pirro, last night.