Pastor Robert Jeffress: The Pope Is A Globalist Who Doesn’t Understand That God Designed Our Borders

“The Bible teaches that God is the one who designed countries. Acts 17 says he designed the boundaries in which countries exist. God’s plan is not for a one world government that the Pope seems to be longing for. And you know, what the Pope has in common with these Hondurans, who are trying to sue our country is this: I mean, we have got these Hondurans trying to come into our country, they’re suing our nation for their so-called constitutional rights.

“And the only thing more absurd than that, Lou, are the globalists like the Pope who would actually defend their right to do such a thing. And I think you’re going to see pinheads on CNN and MSNBC trying to defend this preposterous idea. And look, the end game of globalists is to erase the distinction between nations and eliminate the differences between people who live in and outside our country, and that’s wrong.” – Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress, speaking last night on Fox News.

RELATED: Jeffress recently appeared on JMG for declaring that kneeling NFL players would be “shot in the head in North Korea” and for his billboard campaign declaring that America is a “Christian nation.” In the past, Jeffress has said that all Jews will go to hell and that Obama and same-sex marriage are “laying the ground for the anti-Christ.” Jeffress has repeatedly defended Trump’s serial adultery.