NRA Urges: Vote To Stop The “Criminal Migrant Mob”

“With the socialists pushing for a foothold on the American dream, each election becomes more and more important. No longer can we just hold our ground, we need to take it. Donald Trump is helping, but he needs reinforcements. So as you head to the polls today, consider this: the very same people pushing for open borders, the people helping a migrant mob filled with not just the well-intentioned immigrants, but sadly criminals and gang members and sex traffickers and, yes, even self-admitted murderers. These people helping them, they are the same people who want to take away your guns under the disguise of ‘common sense gun safety.’

“But all that really means is a gun ban and confiscation if they ultimately get their way. The people enabling dangerous criminals to cross our border want to lead Washington and take away your right to protect yourselves. Our future as a nation, think about your kids and your grandkids’ future and their ability to ultimately protect themselves from violent criminals one day. Think about that, and think about who knows best, you or the government? So in the name of freedom and the name of safety, get out and vote today, please.” –  NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, on today’s webcast.