Notorious Ex-Gay Therapist Outed As “Hotnhairy72”

Wayne Besen reports at Truth Wins Out:

Norman Goldwasser, by day, is an Orthodox Jewish therapist at Horizon Psychological Services who compares homosexuality to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and misleads clients by claiming that their sexual orientation can be changed with his special brand of quack therapy, which is rejected by every respected medical and mental health association.

By night, an undercover investigation by Truth Wins Out has found, he solicits sexual partners on Manhunt, a gay dating App, using the profile “Hotnhairy72.”

During our operation, Goldwasser, going by the pseudonym “Dave”, offered to meet for sex with our operative, “Brandon,” at a Fort Lauderdale motel room. Goldwasser also had a profile on Bear Nation by the same name.

This latest scandal comes as the new movie Boy Erased (Starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, and Russell Crowe) has brought a renewed spotlight to the issue of the harm caused by “ex-gay” programs.

At the link you’ll see that Goldwasser is linked to JONAH, the ex-gay torture outfit in New Jersey that was sued into oblivion by the SPLC only to almost immediately relaunch under a new name at the same address. Read it all. Despite making his living torturing LGBT kids, Goldwasser has begged Besen for mercy, as you can see in the text message Besen shares with JMG tonight.

UPDATE: Via the Wayback Machine, I found this entry on the former website for NARTH, the vicious ex-gay torture group whose co-founder George Rekers was busted in the Miami airport in 2010 with a young male hooker.

In what could be a major breakthrough in disseminating information about Reparative Therapy to the international trauma community, NARTH is announcing that Dr. Norman Goldwasser, a NARTH member, will be presenting the topic “Utilizing EMDR to Heal Undesired Sexual Attractions and to Help Actualize Sexual Potential” at the 2005 EMDRIA International Conference to be held in Seattle, Washington, September 15-18, 2005.

Dr. Goldwasser, a clinical psychologist in Miami Beach, Florida, has pioneered the bridging of EMDR and Reparative Therapy in using a trauma-focused approach in the treatment of SSA, a topic which he presented at the 2004 NARTH Conference in Washington, DC.

Arthur Goldberg, President of JONAH, describes Dr. Goldwasser’s approach as “truly revolutionary” in its ability heal SSA by moving traumatic material through a client’s system, and to alleviate traumatic symptoms that contributed to its development.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who was so moved by Dr. Goldwasser’s 2004 presentation that he made the decision to begin the EMDR training process, has begun to utilize it with his work with SSA clients, and has been struck with the dramatic results that he has experienced thus far.

Those who are interested in being exposed to EMDR, who are looking for training in trauma, or who wish to attend and support Dr. Goldwasser at his presentation, can refer to the “Conferences” section at for further information.