NORTH CAROLINA: Dem Concedes House Seat To Hate Group-Backed Anti-LGBT Pastor Mark Harris [VIDEO]

Charlotte’s CBS affiliate reports:

Democratic candidate Dan McCready conceded to Republican opponent Mark Harris in North Carolina’s District 9 race Wednesday evening. McCready did not make an announcement after Tuesday’s election. At midnight, the race was separated by just under 2,000 votes.

McCready became emotional as he addressed his supporters and announced his concession. “You’ve worked so hard… you let me listen to your stories and priorities… you turned it into a movement to put country before party,” McCready said.

McClatchy reports:

One Sunday morning this spring, the Republican candidate stood in the pulpit of a cavernous Baptist megachurch off a dusty road outside of Charlotte, bellowing about bathrooms.

“I’m here to tell you this morning that they can call it a new morality. They can call it the new normal,” thundered Mark Harris, a Baptist pastor, referencing a fight over bathroom access for transgender people that tore this state apart two years ago.

“But God has said it’s same old sin” — his voice shook with emotion as the crowd’s applause began to drown him out —“and I’m going to stand on the…word of the living God.”

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

In the sermon on Ephesians 22, Harris called on women to “submit” to their husbands. “Well, what’s the message to the wives? Well, God instructs all Christian wives to submit to their husbands,” Harris said. “You see wives, please hear me this morning. The message is not from your husband to submit, the message is from the Lord.”

“You’re not to ever submit because your husband demands it, but you do it because the Lord ordained it. Now ladies, you can rebel against that command, but just please understand you’re not rebelling against your husband, you are rebelling against the Lord,” Harris said.

CNN reports:

Harris, as the senior pastor of Charlotte’s First Baptist Church, claimed Islam was “dangerous” and the work of Satan. He also said peace between Israel and the Palestinians could not be achieved until Muslims and Jews accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

During one sermon, Harris showed his congregation a conspiratorial video claiming that Islam was taking over the world, including the United States. Harris said in that 2014 sermon that he was “shocked” and that “what he showed presented some cold hard facts that need to be exposed. And I mean, need to be exposed quickly.”

Watch the clip below. Good grief.