National Enquirer Editor To Pen Trump Tell-All Book

The New York Post reports:

The National Enquirer’s long-held secrets about Donald Trump may be about to get substantially less secret. Page Six is told that the longtime executive editor of the tabloid, Barry Levine, is penning a book for Hachette about the president.

A source says that the book will look into “Trump and his women,” although other insiders tell us that it could be more wide-ranging, even looking at the formerly cozy relationship between the Enquirer’s owner, David Pecker, and Trump. That said, it’s unclear exactly what Levine’s contract with the Enquirer would allow him to reveal about Pecker.

Levine has a pedigree in political exposés. He was part of a team that uncovered veep candidate John Edwards’ love child, and in 2010 he told New York magazine, “I dream of an office in Washington where aides to senators and congressmen come in on their lunch hour and tell us stories.”