MICHIGAN: Dem Gretchen Whitmer Flips Governorship

The Associated Press reports:

Fox News has projected Gretchen Whitmer as the next governor of Michigan with 7% of the vote being reported at 9:15 p.m.

The Democrat formerly served in the Michigan State Senate, representing District 23 from 2006 to 2015. During the final four years of her time in the state Senate she served as minority leader and did not seek re-election in 2014. Before her time in the Senate she served in the Michigan House of Representatives from 2001-06.

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer says Michigan “deserves better” from the next governor — improved schools, smoother roads, healthier drinking water — and her legislative vote to expand health coverage to low-income adults is proof that she can fix long-unaddressed problems.

Whitmer defeated anti-LGBT Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who was largely responsible for Michigan being one of the four states consolidated into Obergefell v Hodges. Earlier this year Schuette ruled that LGBT citizens are not covered by Michigan’s anti-bias laws.