Matt Barber’s Website Has The Midterms Super Sadz: “Yesterday Was One Of The Darkest Days In US History”

From a column posted today on BarbWire, the website of Liberty Counsel radio host Matt Barber:

Now that Democrats have won control of the House, they feel empowered to do everything they can to stop any and all of President Donald Trump’s agenda plans. They won’t be as weak or as easily intimidated by Trump as the Republicans were under Obama.

They have vowed to push to repeal the tax cuts that have created millions of jobs and allowed workers to take home more pay than they have in years. They also promised to do everything they could to block Trump from building a border wall or increasing border security.

Yes, yesterday’s election was one of the darkest days in America’s history. To many such as myself, it spells the end of the America that we have known and loved. It is perhaps the final nail in our nation’s coffin and the turning it into something ugly and evil – a socialist nation.

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