MAGAbomber Once Threw Urine On Lesbian Couple

The Miami Herald reports:

Indiana Parra was riding her moped with her girlfriend, Rimbow Gomez, when a white Dodge Ram van covered in bizarre political stickers pulled alongside.  The driver — a middle-aged man — began yelling at the younger couple. Without warning, he threw a cup of urine from the driver’s side window. It missed the moped, which was pulling away. But the man grabbed a second cup and threw it, too. This time, the liquid splashed all over Gomez, sitting behind Parra. The smell was putrid.

“Get off the road,” he screamed, using a hateful slur for lesbians. Then he started to cackle. “He had this evil laugh that I will never forget,” Gomez told the Miami Herald in an interview Thursday. It was the kind of laugh “that you only [hear] in like scary movies,” she said. Parra, 32, and Gomez, 30, didn’t know it at the time, but their crazed assailant was Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., a South Florida man now accused of sending 16 pipe bombs to critics of President Donald Trump.

The police recorded the March 2018 incident as an “aggravated battery” but no arrest was ever made even though they had Sayoc’s license plate and took a DNA sample from the urine. Hit the link for much more