Jerome Corsi: I’m Being Indicted And Will Die In Prison

At this writing Roger Stone pal and Infowars nutbag Jerome Corsi is live-streaming on YouTube where he reportedly just told viewers that he thinks he will die in prison.

NBC is reporting that Corsi has told them that Mueller’s team has told him that he will be indicted for perjury. Corsi’s fans are making donations on the live-stream.

Corsi, you may recall, is one of the original and most fervid birthers, writing dozens of insane columns for the far-right Christian site World Net Daily and authoring a book titled, “Where The Birth Certificate?”

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports.

An associate of longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone says he expects to be indicted by a federal grand jury in the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

Conservative conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi said on his YouTube show Monday that negotiations fell apart with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team and he expects to be charged with making false statements in the coming days.

Mueller’s team has questioned Corsi as part of an investigation into Stone’s connections with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election. American intelligence agencies have assessed that Russia hacked the emails of Democratic groups, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and provided that material to WikiLeaks for release.