IOWA: Hundreds Of Books Donated To Library After Christian Activist Checks Out And Burns LGBT Titles

The Des Moines Register reports:

Hundreds of books have been donated to the northwest Iowa library where a man checked out — and then burned — several LGBTQ children’s books. The Orange City Public Library said Wednesday it has received more than 200 books since religious activist Paul Dorr engaged in a book burning Oct. 19.

Together, several GoFundMe pages and Facebook fundraisers have raised thousands of dollars for the library — much more than the roughly $50 needed to replace the burned books.

In protest of the city’s second annual OC Pride, Dorr threw four library books into a burning trash can while streaming live on Facebook. During his 27-minute video, Dorr read a blog post titled “May God And The Homosexuals of OC Pride Please Forgive Us!” from his website, Rescue The Perishing.

Several JMG readers wrote last week to tell me they had donated books. Good job, guys!