Homocon Site Gateway Pundit Denies Responsibility For Mueller Smear: Our Writers “Post Their Own Stories”

Currently pinned to the top of the homocon fake news site:

**EDITORS NOTE** Jim Hoft is NOT responsible for the posting of the original story reporting the accusations against Mueller. That was authored by Jacob Wohl himself. Under most circumstances we allow our writers, based all over the world, to post their stories directly to the website.

After Mr. Hoft was notified regarding some of the basis of the claims, he edited and then removed the original article(s) pending and investigation. As part of that investigation, Mr. Hoft requested one of our local DC reporters interview Jacob Wohl directly.

This was done after Wohl landed in DC and what you see on this page is that interview. Meanwhile, our investigation is ongoing and we would appreciate your patience in the meantime.

The Burkman/Wohl press conference is underway at this writing and I’ll post a recap shortly. Reporters from the Daily Beast and other outlets have been live-tweeting updates.