Haters Upset After Salvation Army Warns Staffers Not To Be Openly Anti-LGBT In Their Social Media Postings

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes writes:

If you run into a Salvation Army bell ringer this Christmas season, don’t strike up a conversation about President Trump or gay marriage. Salvation Army personnel have been told to stop posting their opinions about gay marriage, abortion or anything political on social media because it might reflect poorly on the organization, according to an internal email and guidelines obtained by the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

A number of Salvation Army personnel reached out to me to express their concerns that the organization is embroiled in a battle between Biblical conservatives and progressives. And they fear the progressives are winning the day. “Political or social opinions (such as hot topic issues like LGBTQ Marriage, Officer Housing, or Abortion) should not be included in profiles, and officers should refrain from posting anything that expresses a political view,” the guidelines for Salvation Army officers state.