Gateway Pundit: Mueller’s “Accuser” Has Fled, Won’t Be At Press Conference After All As She Fears For Her Life

Posted today by the homocon fake news site Gateway Pundit:

The woman accusing Mueller of rape was slated to detail her encounter with the special counsel at a press conference Burkman and Wohl are hosting in Arlington, Virginia Thursday at noon.

However, upon arriving in Washington, DC she panicked and boarded a flight to another location. Below is a photo of Wohl and the accuser, who at this time is fearful for her life and requests to remain anonymous.

Reporters and the mainstream media are intent on protecting Mueller and have relentlessly harassed and smeared Wohl since learning that he will bring forth a woman accusing Mueller of sexual assault, the 20 year old journalist explained.

The above-linked post features a lengthy interview with Gateway Pundit employee and Twitter troll Jacob Wohl. An excerpt:

“The accuser is not a person off the streets. This is a person of unimpeachable character. This is a person with an illustrious background as a fashion designer – well educated, well networked, well liked. This is not a person that somebody dragged up from some politically charged area.

“In fact, she is not politically charged at all – never registered to vote. Never voted, in fact. So, this is not a political operation, this has very little to do with politics. This is about getting the truth out about a person who is wielding a tremendous amount of power and we’ve seen what he’s done with it.”

Here’s what happened the last time conspiracy nutbag Jack Burkman [photo above] called a press conference to unveil an alleged sexual assault victim:

When Jack Burkman, the Republican lobbyist best known for pushing conspiracy theories about the death last year of Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich, stages a press conference, he usually only draws out one or two reporters. But on Wednesday, he dangled a story that drew out the major broadcast networks, CNN, the New York Times, and all the Capitol Hill rags when he claimed to be presenting new claims of sexual harassment against a sitting member of Congress.

About half an hour after nearly two dozen reporters set up camp in a conference room at a Holiday Inn in Arlington, Burkman, dressed in a cobalt-blue suit and black turtleneck, walked in and told everyone he was calling it off, saying his client, M. Reese Everson, was unable to make it. “I am so profusely sorry,” Burkman said. “I owe everyone here a big apology. As you know, these issues are tough. And I think Reese is just unfortunately not able to join us this morning. I apologize to you so greatly for wasting your time.”