Fox Host Jeanine Pirro: Migrants Are The Real Racists

OK, enough of the nonsense. Are you people stupid? Let me count the ways. There’s a way to come to our home, you apply to come here, and we decide if you do. If you’re a single female with two babies and part of a caravan illegally rushing our border and throwing rocks at border agents, also known as lethal assault, well, you don’t qualify. Don’t get me wrong, we welcome those seeking asylum from repression and violence. 

“But if you want to come here, you apply, you do it legally, you’re not entitled to come here, you have no right to come here, to assault our borders, and it’s at our discretion that you do so. You have to prove you’re not a danger, like maybe a career criminal, a pedophile, a sadistic torturer, a rapist, a thief, an identity fraudster, a serial murderer — well, you get the point.

“You prove you’re mentally stable, as in not a schizophrenic, borderline psycho, depressed with a boatload of issues like those Castro sent from Cuba in boats known as the Marielitos. And then if we agree, you get to the back of the line like everyone else. And don’t give me this racism nonsense.

“We fought a civil war to make sure that we put an end to the stain of racism and slavery in our nation. We’re not racist. Truth be told, you’re engaging in reverse racism. It seems you think that your skin color entitles you to be here ahead of everyone else in the world who may have a different skin color but who’s suffering the same injustice. You’re not.” – Jeanine Pirro, on her new Fox Nation show.