Fox Guest Suggests Rushing Mass Shooters [VIDEO]

“One of the things that’s interesting in terms of if I was a patron, or anyone that was a patron in one of these types of establishments for that matter. There’s two focuses. There’s one that I’ve heard heard; run, hide, and dial 911. That’s one aspect. And there’s another aspect, whereas you confront the shooter directly. And we’ve seen a lot of success with confronting the shooter directly, and we look at what happened with the 9/11 hijackers in Pennsylvania, for example. There are so many people at that location, if they converge on the shooter, it’ll stop it. Granted, someone may get shot, but the truth of the matter is this will decrease the carnage far greater than if you look to run, hide, and dial 911.” – Former NYPD officer Darrin Porcher, speaking this morning on Fox & Friends.