TEXAS: Former GOP Rep. Steve “Benghazi” Stockman Sentenced To 10 Years For Campaign Finance Scheme

The Houston Chronicle reports:

Former Congressman Steve Stockman, a Tea Party stalwart who represented East Texas during two non-consecutive terms, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on Wednesday for his role in a wide-ranging scheme that included a spy operation aimed a fellow Republican challenger and $1.25 million in campaign funds pilfered from conservative megadonors.

Stockman, who was wearing an orange jail uniform and beige rubber clogs and was chained at the ankles, faced the potential of more than 20 years on each of seven mail and wire fraud charges, as well as 10 years on each of 11 money laundering counts, five years apiece on two counts of making false statements, plus five years for making coordinated campaign contributions.

Stockman first appeared on JMG in 2013 when he distributed a World Net Daily book calling for Obama’s impeachment to all 535 members of Congress. That same year Ted Nugent was Stockman’s guest at Obama’s state of the union address.