FLORIDA: Court Extends Deadline, Scott Files Appeal

ABC News reports:

U.S. Chief Judge Mark Walker issued a preliminary injunction this morning in a lawsuit filed by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson over ballots thrown out because of mismatched signatures — declaring a state law unconstitutional and offering a middle path to give voters a few days to correct their ballots.

The ruling is a victory for Nelson as he tries to narrow the almost 13,000 vote margin between him and Gov. Rick Scott in a razor-thin Senate race that is currently the subject of multiple lawsuits and is undergoing a machine recount, which will likely progress to a hand recount.

After Walker’s order was filed, the National Republican Senatorial Committee filed a notice of appeal to the 11th Circuit. Nelson’s team filed an affidavit from former congressman Patrick Murphy of Palm Beach County, who said his ballot was rejected because the supervisor said his signature didn’t match.