Father Of Parkland Victim Accuses Democrats Of Voter Fraud After Shooter Registers As Republican From Jail

The Miami Herald reports:

Five months after killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz registered to vote from Broward County Jail. Andrew Pollack, the father of Meadow Pollack, one of the 14 students Cruz confessed to murdering on his Feb. 14 rampage, tweeted his fury Saturday morning, referring to Cruz by his Broward County court case number.

Cruz registered on July 25 as a Republican, according to online state records. He used the address of the Broward County Jail, 555 SE First Ave., in Fort Lauderdale. Cruz remains eligible to vote in Florida. The 20-year-old is a Florida resident and U.S. citizen; is over 18; and, despite standing mute before 17 counts of first degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first degree murder, hasn’t been convicted of a felony yet.

Pollack is an ardent Trump cultist.