Acting AG Matt Whitaker: Judges Should Be Christians

The Guardian reports:

Donald Trump’s new attorney general once said that judges should be Christian and proposed blocking non-religious people from judicial appointments. Matthew Whitaker, who was made acting attorney general on Wednesday after Trump fired Jeff Sessions, said judges needed a “biblical view of justice” and questioned the judgment of secular lawyers.

Whitaker made the remarks at a conservative forum in April 2014, where he appeared as a candidate for the Republican US Senate nomination in Iowa. Video clips of the event were saved by People For the American Way, a liberal campaign group. The event moderator, conservative blogger Erick Erickson, asked Whitaker whether he required a “Levitical or New Testament” view of justice. Whitaker opted for the New Testament.

Whitaker went on: “What I know is that as long as they have that worldview, that they’ll be a good judge. And if they have a secular worldview, that ‘this is all we have here on Earth’, then I’m going to be very concerned about how they judge.”