Accused Brooklyn Gay Basher Faces 15 Year Sentence

NBC News reports:

Brandon McNamara, the suspect in a gay bashing in Brooklyn’s hip Williamsburg district, faces up to 15 years in prison for hate crimes he allegedly committed in late September. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said McNamara was arraigned Friday and charged with “second-degree assault as a hate crime, third-degree menacing as a hate crime, second-degree aggravated harassment and other related offenses.”

On Sept. 23, McNamara, 25, is alleged to have chased two gay men after they left Metropolitan, a popular Williamsburg gay bar. After allegedly uttering a gay slur, McNamara then “punched the [30-year-old] in the face which caused him to lose consciousness,” NYPD Sergeant Jessica McRorie told NBC News. “He then grabbed the 29-year-old and threw him against a tree; also rendering him unconscious.” The two victims also suffered broken bones.