Teacher Suspended For Saying Stephen Miller Ate Glue

Newsweek reports:

Stephen Miller’s third-grade teacher, who said earlier this week that the Trump aide was a glue-eating “loner,” has now been suspended.

Nikki Fiske, a veteran teacher in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, has been placed on “home assignment” after penning an essay in which she described a young Miller as a “strange dude” and recounted a story of him eating glue as a student.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fiske’s school district was primarily concerned about “her release of student information, including allegations that the release may not have complied with applicable laws and district policies.”

From the original essay in the Hollywood Reporter:

I can still picture him sitting in my classroom. Do you remember that character in Peanuts, the one called Pig Pen, with the dust cloud and crumbs flying all around him? That was Stephen Miller at 8.

I was always trying to get him to clean up his desk — he always had stuff mashed up in there. He was a strange dude. I remember he would take a bottle of glue — we didn’t have glue sticks in those days — and he would pour the glue on his arm, let it dry, peel it off and then eat it.

I remember being concerned about him — not academically. He was OK with that, though I could never read his handwriting. But he had such strange personal habits. He was a loner and isolated and off by himself all the time.