Stormy Selects The Most Accurate Trump Mushroom

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Stormy Daniels had a decidedly less coy appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night than previously. Daniels said she met with Trump in a hotel room where he answered the door in silky pajamas. “I’m pretty sure I thought he was channeling Hugh Hefner,” said Daniels. “Significantly less sexy.”

Of the detail that Daniels spanked Trump with a magazine, Kimmel asked “What does he do, when you spank Donald Trump?” to which Daniels responded, “Do you want me to show you?” Kimmel eventually conceded and Daniels used her book to spank him. “I laid there and prayed for death,” Daniels said of her experience with Trump.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Later, Kimmel produced a bunch of fungi and posed this question to his guest: “In picking it out of a lineup, which of these mushrooms, orange mushrooms, would most represent the Commander in Chief of the United States military?” Playing the moment for all it was worth, the porn star replied, “Can you hold it up so it’s coming at me from the correct angle?”