Proud Boys Head Claims Eight Members Will Surrender To NYC Police: “They Will Be In The Tombs By Tonight”

The New York Times reports:

The founder of the far-right group the Proud Boys said on Friday that he was arranging the surrender of eight members whom the police are seeking in connection with a brawl outside a Republican club in Manhattan last weekend. At the same time, a senior official said the police have opened a broad criminal inquiry into the group’s activities.

Gavin McInnes, 48, a polemical far-right speaker who started the Proud Boys, said the eight suspects would turn themselves in, a day after a ninth member was arrested. A police official said a lawyer representing at least four of the suspects called the 19th Precinct on Friday to work out the details of their surrender.

Though it was unclear how many might face charges, Mr. McInnes said the men would soon be in custody. “They are going to be in the Tombs by tonight,” he said.

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