Proud Boys Founder To NYC Republicans Club: You Need “Rude Violent Disgusting Scum Foot Soldiers Like Us”

“Eric Holder saying when they go low, we kick them? I like that. Let’s get low. Let’s be disgusting. Let’s make some fucking jokes. Can we kill a dead guy who ran Japan’s Socialist Party, please. It happened 58 years ago, relax. That is my beef with the right, is they’re so sacred. And they’re so pure and so careful never to offend, never to make the wrong joke.

“They’re so worried about interpretation. And you’re dealing with mentally ill people. It’s not like — you’ll make a joke and then they’ll say ‘You want trans-disabled children to die in a fire.’ That’s not even in the same universe as what I said. So why appease them?

“At the very least, people of the right, let us scum in. You need us foot soldiers. You need us disgusting rude jerks because outside of the swears and the drugs and the violence [snickers], quite a list actually, outside of all the things you disagree with, we have a lot in common. What we have in common is we both want America to prosper. We both want Trump to do well.” – Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnis, speaking this weekend at the Manhattan Republican Club.