MALAWI: Melania Greeted With “Not A Shithole” Sign

The New York Times reports:

The U.S. first lady was joyously welcomed at the airport, with singing and dancing by a troupe of women and scores of schoolchildren waving African and Malawian flags. The high-pitched sounds of women vocalizing were heard at the airport and at her subsequent appearances. In southern Africa, the vocalization is often done as a celebratory welcome by women.

But a few signs of protest were afoot, too, as President Trump is not widely seen as a friend of Africa. Among scores of people lining the motorcade route between the school and the ambassador’s residence, a few white people held signs.

One said #MELANIATOO, with the “ME” in bold black. Another said “Welcome to Malawi. #NOTASHITHOLE!” — a reference to reports that the president used the vulgar term to describe African nations.