Kanye West: My “Mensa Level Freud” IQ Is 133

USA Today reports:

Kanye West’s break from social media lasted all of seven days. After a bizarre week that included a highly publicized meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office and a spontaneous trip to Uganda, West returned to Twitter to talk “mind control.”

The controversial rapper opted out of social media last week after catching heat for an equally peculiar pro-Trump rant following his appearance on the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.”

In a series of Twitter videos shared Saturday, West gave his unfiltered thoughts on the negative effects of social media in a nine-minute live video of him talking directly to the camera.

Billboard has the full transcript. An excerpt:

I just want to talk about mind control, you know, when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do, or if you post something that’s like positive on Instagram it gets taken down if it’s not a part of a bigger agenda.

That’s like mind control. That’s the echo chamber. That’s trying to control you based off of incentivizing you and based off of you getting enough likes. That’s the poison that’s happening with social media.

For me, you know, I just got back my IQ scores and they were Mensa level. 133, 98th percentile, like straight up Sigmund Freud Tesla vibes. The worst thing, the way I feel like, I feel like when people try to tell me what to do I feel like they’re touching my brain.

Just positive energy. I’m saying this. I’m in Africa recording. We just took them to the future with the dome. The music is the best on the planet. I am the best living recording artist. We, rather, because the spirits flow through me. The spirit of Fela, the spirit of Marley, the spirit of Pac flows through me. We know who the best. We know.