HOUSTON: Haters Sue Over Drag Queen Story Hour

The Houston Chronicle reports:

A crew of anti-gay protesters rallied outside the federal courthouse Friday afternoon, announcing they have sued the Houston Public Library over a city-sponsored Drag Queen Story Hour which they say violates their freedom of religion. The group behind the lawsuit identify themselves as “Christ followers,” taxpayers and card-carrying library patrons. One of those bringing the lawsuit is Tex Christopher, who says he homeschooled his children using library books.

Another plaintiff is Chris Sevier, who has filed a number of lawsuits across the country, including one in Houston for the right to marry his laptop. If men can marry men, he has argued, why can’t he marry a computer. The plaintiffs also include an evangelical minister and a woman who says she got into a custody battle with her husband after he left her for a transgender woman.

Last month Sevier also sued a Louisiana library on the same grounds. Earlier this year Sevier was laughed out of court when he sued Democratic House Rep. Alan Lowenthal for posting a rainbow flag outside his office door.

Also this year kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart demanded that he remove her name from an anti-porn bill he convinced a GOP Rhode Island state rep to file. You really must read this Daily Beast profile to grok his full batshittery.