Hannity Goes Full Whataboutist On #MAGAbomber

State television host Sean Hannity writes

The Destroy-Trump media has completely ignored the Left’s vile calls for violence since the President’s inauguration; from Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the White House to leading Democrats’ begging their supporters to “confront” Trump aides at “restaurants” and “gasoline stations.”

From the Kavanaugh hearings -where people like Senator Graham were spit on- and afterwards, we have been witnessing Mini Mobs confronting fellow citizens and having them chased out of restaurants… Pam Bondi, Sarah Sanders, Secretary Nielsen, Ted Cruz and his wife, Senator MCConnell and his wife.

To suggest honest vigorous debate and criticism is the motivating force behind one fringe and violent individual is intellectually lazy and, frankly, a cheap attempt to capitalize off of a serious incident. Saying ‘CNN is fake News’ or ‘CNN sucks’ is a far cry from advocating for violence.