Gab Begs Trump For Help As Big Tech Cracks Down

The New York Times reports:

Gab’s affiliation with Mr. Bowers has already cost the company dearly. On Saturday, the company’s web hosting provider, Joyent, moved to shut the site down, according to an email posted by Gab on Twitter. The payment processing platform Stripe, which Gab has used to receive fees for its paid Gab Pro membership level, and which froze Gab’s account this month for violating its terms of service, said it was suspending transfers to the company’s bank account pending an investigation, according to another email posted to Twitter by Gab.

PayPal, another payment processor, canceled Gab’s account, saying that it had been closely monitoring the site since before Saturday’s massacre. This is not Gab’s first run-in with controversy. Last year, Google banned the company’s app for failing to moderate hateful content. (The app was rejected by Apple.) In August, Microsoft threatened to cut off Gab’s access to its Azure cloud service after posts surfaced on the site advocating genocidal violence against Jews. The posts were ultimately taken down.