Carlson: Allegations Against Kavanaugh Are Racist

“It is not about Brett Kavanaugh at this point, it is about punishing everyone who looks like Brett Kavanaugh. You might wonder what in the world this story, the Kavanaugh story has to do with race. Seemingly nothing. Everyone in it is the same color. But you’d be too literal if you have concluded that, you’d be missing the point. Democrats aren’t looking for justice here. They want a revolution.

“For 60 years they’ve been telling us that it is immoral to judge people by their skin color and they were right about that. Absolutely right.  They put up a monument to Martin Luther King on the National Mall just in case we forgot. And yet, suddenly, without notifying the rest of us they have changed the rules. Anyone who doesn’t judge others on the basis of skin color, is, wait for it now, a bigot. Refuse to commit racism? You’re a racist.” – Tucker Carlson, on last night’s show.