Brian Brown Brags About Exporting Anti-LGBT Hate: Nothing Wrong With It, I’ve Been To Over 40 Countries

Media Matters has a partial transcript:

ENGEL: You testified in front of the Russian parliament, the Duma.

BRIAN BROWN (WORLD CONGRESS OF FAMILIES PRESIDENT): It was a subcommittee, and I was asked to speak, and I willingly did. And I would do so again.

ENGEL: Why would an organization of American Christian conservatives be in Russia helping Russian lawmakers craft legislation for their country?

BROWN: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and Russia is not in any way unique here. I’ve been to over 40 countries, and I have no qualms about going to these places.

ENGEL: But Brown’s organization does have a unique connection to Russia. It was conceived in Moscow in 1995 by an American, Allan Carlson, and a Russian, Anatoly Antonov, who we recently met up with.

ANATOLY ANTONOV (WORLD CONGRESS OF FAMILIES CO-FOUNDER): We came from different countries, different political systems. I was from the communist Soviet Union, and he was from anti-communist America.

ENGEL: What this secular Russian and the American evangelical Christian shared was a belief that homosexuals are a threat to society.

Watch MSNBC’s full 7-minute report here. The link to the full clip is on the bottom right of front page and it recounts the spike in anti-LGBT hate crimes after the adoption of the “gay propaganda” law pushed by Brown before the Duma.