Bannon Holds Rally For GOP Candidates, None Show Up

The Guardian reports:

As Donald Trump held midterm rallies this week in front of thousands, his one-time chief strategist Steve Bannon made his own, rather more low-key return to the campaign trail.

Bannon appeared in front of 200 people at a firehouse outside Buffalo, New York, ostensibly to campaign for Republicans based in the area. But in a visceral demonstration of just how far Bannon’s stock has fallen since leaving the White House 14 months ago, none of those Republicans running for office turned up.

Instead – in a move unlikely to please his former boss – Bannon spent the first part of his speech at the Jamison Road volunteer firehouse in Elma talking up his own importance in Trump’s 2016 victory, in an apparent attempt to thrust himself back into the national spotlight.

A related story from the Tampa Bay Times:

The Hillsborough County Republican Party’s dinner with former Trump political adviser Steve Bannon is now free. The party had previously advertised the dinner, to be held Friday night, as a fundraiser with prices up to $20,000 for 10 seats of premier seating at a table with Bannon, VIP tickets at $1,000 each, and general admission at $125.

Last week it cut the prices to $5,000 for the 10 “chairman’s table” seats with Bannon, $300 for VIP seats, and general admission at $50. Announcing the price cuts, the party said in a Facebook posting, “We want to pack the house!!!” Those prices have now been reduced to zero.