Another Mar-A-Lago Member To Get Ambassadorship

The Palm Beach Post reports:

President Donald Trump is said to be ready to nominate couture handbag designer and Palm Beach resident Lana Marks to become ambassador to South Africa, making her the fourth member of the Mar-a-Lago Club that the president has tapped for an ambassadorship.

The potential nomination of yet another Mar-a-Lago member to a top post in the administration may again raise questions about whether Trump is doling out favors to those who can afford Mar-a-Lago’s $200,000 membership fee, annual dues of $14,000 and a $2,000 minimum dining requirement.

In more than a dozen past lawsuits against her in Aspen, New York, California and South Florida, Marks has repeatedly been accused of stiffing her attorneys, accountants, landlords and employees. She is also embroiled in bitter, international legal battles in South Africa and Israel with her siblings over a family trust and the care for their 89-year-old mother.